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UK Hallmarks - Sell Silver

When you want to sell your silver you need to find out if it really is Silver and what grade you have. The problem with identifying it is the myriad of different hallmarks that you can find. Silver Plated items such as EPNS are not silver but always have some form of hallmark and then there are fake silver items to confuse the matter further. To simplify matters if you see one of these marks or numbers on your item then it is likely to be silver... 800=80% silver, 925=92.5% silver (Sterling)  800 silver tends to be foreign silver (european in the main) 

 If you see any of the following marks on your item you can be even more sure. (and it will be English silver) If you also see a lion mark (passant) (see below), or a lion looking similar  you can be certain its silver (unless of course the marks are a criminal forgery! if in doubt  read how to sell silver to us or please telephone us  on 0121 448 0488 

example of silver hallmarks  silvermark2  silvermark1  silverlion


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