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Warning About Selling Your Scrap Silver.

This page has been written to warn you of the companies out there who are flagrantly ripping off the Public by posting ridiculously high scrap silver prices on the Internet and then using the following techniques to lower the price they pay YOU. The ones to watch are the ones with the silly names that are just a mash of words. Alarm bells should always ring when you come across these..  eg goldukscrap etc.
We've had many customers coming to us complaining that these companies:-
1/ Advertise false prices
There's a company that advertises a high minimum price per ounce of scrap they pay. Its a false price because when you look closer the actual price they pay per gram on their calculator  is far less.
2/Underweigh the customers silver/ Using Faulty Scales to underweigh items.

If you call in to us we weigh in front of you and if you post to us we send you a photo of your items on our Trading Standards Approved Scales scales, showing the weight . NB watch out for the old trick many jewellers have, of scurrying to a private room to weigh your items, without you being able to see the weight!!
3) Charge refining fees of up to 20% that are not transparent ie are hidden inside a contract

We charge no fees, none, nil, nada, zero etc

4) tell you that they will buy your silver as "an item,"
This is a favourite jewellers trick. In fact most that say they do this actually end up offering you less than scrap They hope to buy your item for less than scrap
5) Charge an admin fee  for return of non-silver items which often turn out to be silver

Again we charge nothing zip, nil,  If you have doubts as to what might be silver,  phone us first

6) Undervalue the purity of  silver
If you have doubts phone us first

7) Use clever and long contracts  to avoid having to pay the price they advertise.
What we say we pay...we pay!!!

8) Post a very high price then when they have your items, reduce the price dramatically.
Silver does fluctuate but we accept that most customers check the price the day before they post or come in and that is the price we pay you.. You're safe!!

9) Pay By Bank Transfer which can take up to 3 days.
We pay cash, the next day, barring an act of God or within 2 working days if we can't get hold of you.
What looks on the surface to be a good price ends up a low one. Don't be fooled
10) Charge extra for cash or return postage.
We don't. Our process is simple transparent and honest...and you get the best price in the Uk for your Silver, Simple as that

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