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UK Silver Coins - sell silver coins uk

NB We urgently want to buy all sterling silver UK and foreign coins especially pre-1947 British coins If you want to sell silver coins Tel 0121 448 0488 

You'd think you'd get a better price from a Coin Dealer? That is not the case! Many of our customers are surprised at the prices they receive for their silver  coins It's not rocket science. many dealers want to pay below true scrap price for silver coins . Others try to buy them at face value.   The prices we pay are nine times out of ten higher than coin dealer prices, but don't just take our word for it, read on then value your coins below. 

Apart from antique silver items, silver scrap, silver cutlery and jewellery we also buy silver coins and we now urgently need all silver & scrap silver coins, whether full silver or half silver. All those old coins you have in your house may well be worth a small fortune!  Old coins , British or Foreign are worth money!!! We buy whole collections of coins, old or ancient, Uk or Foreign.. Coins deserve a special mention as they are not always easily identified

Prior to 1920 British silver coins contained high purity, 92.5% (Sterling) silver.
From 1920 to 1946, British silver coins contained 50% silver.
From 1947 onwards, some denominations of British pre-decimal coins issued for circulation were "silver-colored," however these coins were made of copper-nickel, and contained no silver. 
In addition, there have been some silver decimal coins minted in limited quantities as commemorative or bullion issues, typically in Proof condition; these coins were not intended for circulation.
The standard circulating denominations of pre-decimal British coins from 1800 to 1946 which contained 92.5% or 50% silver, included threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins, two shillings, halfcrowns, double florins, and crowns and we buy them all .

US & Foreign Coins We also buy US coins (normally 900, 90% silver pre 1965) and European and World coins Phone for more info.

To sell us your old silver threepences, sixpences, shillings, florins, two shillings, halfcrowns, double florins, crowns and dollars etc  you'll need an idea of their value.

  sell silver scales Firstly you'll need a set of scales.  Kitchen scales will do. 

Split up your coins into the different grades of silver by checking dates above. Weigh each grade  It's as easy as that. You don't need to split them into different nominations eg shiilings, crowns etc,  just dates.  The weight you'll need is grams. 

If you have used modern gram scales you'll have no problem in getting the gram weight. If you've used ounces and pounds scales then to get the gram weight remember there are 16 ounces in a pound and there are 28 grams in a (cooking ounce)  (A troy ounce is actully 31.1 grams but if you have used  cooking scales and not jewellers scales ie where an ounce is  28 grams,  just multiply  as above  to get the gram weight.

16 ounces in a pound (lb)

28 grams in an ounce

eg 4lbs of silver = (4x16ozs x 28grams per ounce= 1792 grams.)

eg 32 cooking ounces  of silver= 32x 28grams =896 grams

eg 32 troy ounces (weighed on jewellers scales) =995 grams

Then just click on the link below and use the calculator. There is a drop-down box detailing all the different grade of silver you'll have. Put in your weight and away you go! 


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