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 Best UK Silver Price? 

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When you want to sell silver there are many pitfalls to avoid, it can be a minefield. There are "too good to be true" prices out there, some companies just show a "we pay up to" prices rather than accurate ones whilst other silver buyers and jewellers don't actually publish any at all.We do believe we do pay the highest and best "true UK prices for silver and scrap silver  to the Public in the UK. We pay the right price for your silver and gold items. 

Our price per gram is very high, but add to that these facts...We are a small family run business with no staff overheads in Birmingham. Remember  fancy operations have to be paid for out of profits. We can work on tiny margins!!  We do not charge fees, we keep  weight loss, due to stones and wires  to a minimum and we always identify the silver content correctly. .  And if you are still not convinced then remember our scales are trading standards calibrated and we weigh items in front of you if you are on premises. Plus, we don't charge to return items, nor charge for cash paid, nor do we penalise you for non-silver items ie we return them free of charge..

The best and highest TRUE UK silver Price...........and please be aware of  "too good to be true" silly Internet prices. They charge fees, underweigh and often do not honour their published prices. These companies either have silly amalgamated names such as ukgoldscrap OR they purport to be refiners encouraging  you to "Deal Direct With The Refiner" These types of  UK Gold refineries are not genuine and if they really paid their prices they couldn't remain in business.It just doesn't make sense!! Use your judgement.

 More about silver prices

If you are looking to sell gold and silver, you are looking for the best gold and silver prices and a gold buyer that is fair and honest. There are many gold buyers to choose from these days as follows


1/ Local Jewellers, Antique Dealers and local Gold Buyers who buy Gold.

The plus side of selling your gold to a local jeweller is convenience, however please be aware that many local jewellers sell their gold and silver on to gold buyers like The Birmingham Gold Company. This means that you may well recieive a lower price for your gold as they have to make a profit . many will tell you that your gold and silver jewellery etc  are not "scrap" and they will sell them on, not for the gold weight but rather as "items" and yet time and time again we have been told that the price they offer you IS BELOW SCRAP GOLD PRICE. The reason they try and buy your gold and silver below scrap price is that if they cannot sell your items on they then scrap them in with companies such as ours. Always check weights and price per gram offered You should be aware for example that your item weighs eg 10 grams and the scrap price is eg £120. Use the calculator on this site to check for yourself

2/ Postal Gold Companies.

These should offer more but avoid them i/ if they don't have an actual address and ii/ if they don't actually state what the price poer gram is. Remember  you dont want "up to" prices or market spot price That is not the price anyone in the world pays. All Gold buyers pay a PERCENTAGE of spot . You want to know their actual gold prices. You also want to check that if you for any reason do not accept their gold buying offer that your items will be returned to you asap free of charge, that way they do not have you over a barrel.

3/  National Gold Buyers.

These are companies further up the gold buying chain as it were. Always pick a national gold buying company, such as The Birmingham Gold Company that is situated in a gold buying area for example Birmingham's  famous Jewellery Quarter The reason for this is simple. We compete with other gold buyers in the Jewellery Quarter and this competition keeps our gold buying price as keen as possible.

4/ Vintage Cash Buyers 

Vintage Cash for Silver Buyers. You may be tempted to send your silver jewellery to vintage cash for silver buying companies that advertise heavily online. NB We have heard that they offer well below scrap for silver jewellery even though they go to great lengths to pretend that they pay more They do not. Not only that, they do not even advertise the price they pay for items whereas our online calculator is clear and transparent. We have heard many horror stories about the poor offers these vintgage cash companies offer even with their fancy literature.
Check out their name at Money saving Expert for example and as for reviews, they use companies like Tustpilot, and can remove negative reviews especially those relating to the poor cash offers made for silver jewellery. So instead got to Google Places enter the company's name  and check out their reviews there.Google reviews  cannot be doctored


There are many places that are purporting to pay the best prices for both Gold and Silver  in fact its a veritable gold selling minefield. At the Birmingham Gold Company  we offer you

1/ Transparent  true prices. The price on our calculator is the gram price you will receive, but remember we do NOT pay Gold/silver prices for metal clasps, springs and of course stones.

2/ A fair and transparent Buying process

3/ An honest Google review system

4/ A professional, reliable service without vague promises or offers. 

 Read  about how to get a price for and sell your silver here


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