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 Sell Vintage Costume Jewellery

Want to Sell your Vintage Costume Jewellery?

Looking for the best place to sell Vintage Costume Jewellery to?

if you have unwanted non gold or silver old and vintage costume jewellery lying around unused you can now sell it it to us at a fair price.Bbefore most people gave unwanted costume jewellery away to charity shops etc or sent it in bulk to a vintage cash buyer without any idea what the offer might be. We have changed all that.

At The Birmingham Silver Company we pride ourselves on paying the very best prices for Gold and Silver. Now we are looking to buy any type of vintage costume jewellery item ie brooches, pendants necklaces, bracelets, bangles rings etc. ie any vintage costume jewellery item made before 1980.

Please note:  We do NOT buy modern, shop labelled costume jewellery items eg Next, M&S and so on.

if you have a job lot of unwanted vintage costume jewellery we would be happy to buy it . Unlike many vintage costume jewellery buyers we actually show the price we will actually pay for your vintage costume jewellery ie (non gold-silver-rolled gold)  items on our calculator (see left) 

To get a sell  price for your costume jewellery


To get a price for your vintage costume jewellery

1/ Weigh your items in grams

2/ Select the correct box on our calculator for vintage costume jewellery (see top left yellow box)

3/ Enter the weight of your items and the price will show in red underneath. That is the price we will pay.


How To Sell To us 

1/ Counter Service.  (cash/cheque/transfer/Paypal) -  Sell Gold, SilvSell To us in personer & Platinum / Palladium Costume Jewellery  & Watches  in person. Our counter is open from 9.30-3.30PM  Monday to Friday. Click here to sell Gold  / Silver in person.

2/  Postal Service. (cheque/transfer/Paypal) -   Sell gold, platinum, palladium silver, costume jewellery and even watches by post. Use the popular safe secure trackable Special Delivery postal service Click here to sell your Gold / Silver etc by Post  or Tel 0121 448 0488 NB people post to us via Special Delivery but if you are just posting costume jewellery ONLY then save money by posting SIGNED-FOR