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jewellery scrap

SELL SILVER DIRECT TO US As one of the UKs busiest Silver Buyers in the heart of the busiest jewellery Quarter in the UK we pay the best prices  for all types of silver & scrap silver in the UK,  including  UK silver coins, silver jewellery, Industrial Silver and low-grade silver and also most types of silver brazing rods, silver flatware, cutlery and objets, including silver tea-sets, bowls, dishes trays etc. NB WE ALSO BUY GOLD...

We buy pure (999) silver, sterling(925) silver,  foreign (800) silver  & half-silver (500) coins...& not just scrap or broken silver, we buy all types. We are one of the UKs leading silver buyers, used by thousands of customers each year that want to sell silver... AND yes we normally pay more than Antique Dealer/Jeweller many whom want to pay far less than scrap price for your items.  There are 2 ways to sell direct to us... 

 i/ SELL SILVER IN PERSON NB When you sell  Silver to us in person we pay cash, cheque or bank transfer for your  silver items.  With large amounts of silver items its always best to get to us before 2PM. We always check and weigh your items in front of you and you can be assured of a trusted and professional service

ii/ Via Secure Special Delivery Post. safe, insured and trackable . Click on the  link for more information.  If you post silver items to us we pay via bank transfer or cheque. You can also read and leave google Reviews Here  or use our general enquiry form here


Scrap silver is an unfortunate term. Some customers who want to sell silver think it refers to broken and damaged silver, perhaps also industrial silver but in fact "scrap silver" is a term which is used in the trade to apply to all silver items that are worth more for their metal than they are as items. This is how we pay more for silver than your local antique dealer.. Many so-called antique items and old items are actually worth more for their silver weight BUT your local antique dealer is not under any obligation to take the metal price into consideration and they  often make an offer for an antique item BELOW the metal weight, so if they can't sell it as an item they can scrap it in with companies such as ours..  Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised how much more than antique value, they get for their items. Scrap does not mean a basement price.

Call In to our Counter Service |  Post Your Items To us Via Special Delivery |  Call us on 0121 448 0488 | Use Our General Enquiry Form. NB For Industrial scrap in large volumes please ask for Lionel